Frozen Sundown


When I pulled this new Liverpool out of the package, Lawrence immediately looked at it and said, “it’s like Frozen!” I definitely see it in the cool mints and whites in this fabric, and the fractal-esque look the diamonds have. Hampton is a new arrival at Amelia Lane Designs.


Since he loved it so much, I decided to do a “mommy and me” set for us! I love that he loves when we match, so I’m going to take full advantage while he enjoys it. His little cousins might be getting something from the rest of my yardage once school gets out, too.

The Sundown from Striped Swallow Designs is one of those patterns that I passed on the test, and then fell in love with shortly thereafter. It helped inspire me to try more pattern tests, even if I’m not sure about the pattern, to try to push myself out of my comfort zone and surprise myself with what I like!


The relaxed fit of this is similar to one of my all-time favorites, the Moon Dance tank, but has options for closed back, open back (the one I sewed up this time), or low open back. I think I want to try sewing this up in some athletic fabric next, as it would look really cute over a Power Sports Bra!


The shorts I paired with this are made out of teal ponte (also from Amelia Lane Designs). These are the updated Brassies Joggers from Greenstyle, and I think I changed into these three days in a row after school this week because they are so stinking comfy! The update included deeper pockets, which I love since my phone tends to fall out of the pockets of my old version.

I did two small mods on the joggers. First, I used some wide elastic to create a pull-on elastic waist in lieu of the drawstring the pattern calls for. I determined length by wrapping it around where the waistband was hitting, snugging in a bit, and adding a half inch on each end to overlap. I sewed the majority of the waistband on, leaving an opening to feed the elastic through before overlapping and sewing the ends, then finished off the opening.


Second, I added on some pockets! I traced the pockets from my favorite jeggings and then added an inch up top and a half inch on each side. I folded the sides under the half inch and pressed, and folded the top under a half inch and then once more, pressed, and sewed across the top. I did the same add-on to my moto hack Inspires (you can grab the official hack free, here!), and based the placement off of those. These pockets ended up about an inch too high because of the different rises on the two, so my next set of pockets will go down that extra bit.

You can see here that the pockets fall in a better place on my Inspires! This was an Inspiration bundle from ALD, and included the three fabrics for my top (Autumn Spice from Ellie and Mac — my first E&M make and I also love this!) and the charcoal Supplex I used for my now-favorite travel pants.


I made the Greenstyle Slope tank for L, which is a freebie on their website! I like the relaxed fit, and went for the straight hem with this one but think I’ll give the curved hem a whirl when I use a fabric that drapes a bit more.

He’s also wearing his Toby K Rogue Joggers, which I hacked to shorts length! My husband asked me to get some more Grayson Liverpool to make him some shorts after he saw these shorts finished. I blogged about this quick hack on the Toby K Blog a few weeks ago!


(Note: this post contains some affiliate links, which are no additional cost to you but earn me a small commission to help keep my blog going.)

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